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creative + branding

High design aesthetics. Evocative copywriting. Engaging assets that build brand preference. All because we dig into the data and the why behind it. Our performance marketing creative team merges it into a package that’s beautiful to behold and rooted in strategy.

This exceptional creativity plays out in written and visual realms as our designers and copywriters collaborate at every stage – from project kickoff to idea generation through completion. But we’re not alone. We collaborate with UX, analytics, and engineering at every stage of the game because siloing capabilities only stifles campaigns. And we won’t let anything get in the way of developing world-class creative that helps our clients grow their customer base.

What’s more, at West Cary Group, we also know that building a brand is about more than snazzy logos and cool taglines. It’s about creating an experience that your consumers can count on again and again – in whatever channel they choose to operate. Luckily, we promote products and services in ways that don’t just grab attention; they command the stage with resonant messages that bring your brand to life and bring your customers along for the ride.

Customer Experience Mapping 

The key to creating the product that our clients need is understanding the client and the customer. WCG has developed robust capabilities around mapping out the customer journey. It begins with early landscape research and understanding your customers’ thoughts, feelings, and pain points. Then we use the power of content mapping to tell your story in ways that rise above the marketing noise so your audience is compelled to listen. It’s how we increase brand awareness and turn potential and existing customers into brand loyalists.

In-House Video Marketing

Sixty-nine percent of customers prefer watching videos to reading text to learn about products. We make videos that not only provide brand information but also create brand preference. And we do it all in-house – from the initial storyboard to motion graphic design to video delivery. Our having creative control gives you the added convenience of one point of contact for all your video marketing needs.

Content Marketing

At WCG, it’s not just one marketing burst and then we’re done. We have the creative talent and analytical expertise to plan, create, and distribute valuable, relevant, and constant content across multiple channels. From arresting infographics on your website to engaging social media videos to targeted display ads, we craft content that meets your audience where they live. It’s omnichannel campaign management at its finest.

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