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Laptop showing a digital dashboard
Mobile phone with digital wallet transactions

identifying gains

Over the course of five years, a blockchain startup experienced explosive growth – but hadn’t invested in their data infrastructure to match their product innovation. With the global increase in regulatory scrutiny, they knew they needed to beef up their governance infrastructure. And we know that when wealth management is a key component of your booming business, it’s vital to the livelihood of your customer base that every financial calculation is verifiable, precise, and dependable. With so much at stake, WCG quickly stepped in to assist.

making sense of it all

By the time our partnership was complete, our client had the frameworks it needed to provide a premier fintech experience backed by data. We kicked off our engagement by interviewing more than 20 associates from various departments such as leadership, product, business intelligence, and data. At the same time, we took a deep dive into the company’s available dashboards, presentations, and tools.

Chart showing how an integrated approach created results for a digital asset lender

Our digital team saw several ways we could help our client optimize their data modeling to gain clarity – from the start of a transaction through to completion. WCG:

Helped increase focus and reduce data swirl and overlaps by clearly defining the right key performance indicators and metrics they should use to monitor the health of specific business lines.

Drove efficiency and adoption of best practices by ensuring that whenever data elements were presented, they were accompanied by source information to help with re-creation and auditing.

Created a process to record data lineage so everyone could understand, record, and visualize the flow of data elements used in regulatory reporting – from origination to destination.

Helped develop a Business Decision repository so teams could take prompt action if triggers were breached and learn from past decisions.

Assisted in establishing monthly business reviews so leadership teams could better command, control, and coordinate business efforts.

By the end of our engagement, our client was in a significantly better analytics infrastructure position. They were elated that their entire team was now on the same page and equipped with the tools necessary to ensure accuracy and compliance, enhance the customer experience, and improve regulatory certainty.

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