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going the distance to differentiate

Metromile digital ad featuring a car in front of a mountain backdrop

taking off

Before the tech startup Metromile was acquired by Lemonade, the company wanted to reinvigorate its brand and separate itself from the pack in the pay-as-you-go car insurance sector with a focus on remote workers. To do this, they wanted to mount video and direct mail campaigns – quickly. We hit the gas by using existing assets and recutting them so we could satisfy a tight deadline.

reaching the finish line

From ask to in market, West Cary Group got the campaign out the door in under eight weeks.

With the goal of driving leads, we recommended a strategy of targeted digital video that could also be leveraged across owned media, as well as a highly targeted direct mail campaign. We scaled the creative campaign quickly in 10 designated market areas, including region-specific tests and zip code targets.

Chart showing increase in brand awareness

Even though the video had been shot, there was a lot going on behind the scenes: We found the former talent, renegotiated contacts, and got the voice-over artist back on board. Then we trafficked all the spots on OTT and streaming to make sure the content got to the right viewers at the right time to make the biggest impact.

By introducing messaging optimizations and new creative, we impacted their business with higher-than-anticipated response, especially for their “At Home Workers” campaign. Creative only ran for two months, but in that short time overall awareness shot up 50% while awareness among at-home workers increased 100%. A well-produced spot done very quickly and doubling awareness? Now that’s going the extra mile.

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Direct mail letter encouraging Metromile sign-up
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