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analytics & marketing research

Bring us your tough business problems. Our team of analysts and experience designers will solve them using marketing research, available data, and analytics as our guideposts. Then, we determine the most effective way to allocate resources to target your customers with customized marketing campaigns. Bottom line – we want to be held accountable for our marketing strategies so that you can see how every one of your marketing dollars is working for you.

Marketing Research

West Cary Group uses multiple data sources to clarify consumer motivations, then turns that insight into action. It may seem like a massive undertaking, but our team excels in connecting the dots. Once we conduct the data analysis, we not only show you what channel to play in, we develop a clear strategy for how to win. Plus, we collaborate with you at every stage to turn potential customers into brand advocates and boost your bottom line.

Market Segmentation

Identifying subgroups within your target audience is a great way to get the most out of your digital marketing strategy. We consider everything from demographics to location to purchasing behavior. This way, we can uncover new areas of opportunity while creating more engaging experiences and resonant content to reach your best ­– and next – customer. Segmentation is only valuable when chosen groups are targetable and make decisions differently – so we do our due diligence to ensure it deserves your money and our effort.

Qualitative Research

While quantitative research is all about numbers, qualitative research is where we dive deeper . Here, we focus on understanding the underlying reasons and meanings behind consumer behaviors. Through interviews, focus groups, and observation, we uncover rich and nuanced consumer insights, gain a deeper understanding of consumers’ mental models, and develop more targeted and impactful marketing strategies accordingly. Perhaps most importantly, qualitative research provides a holistic view of the consumer journey so that we understand the consumer’s complete decision-making process when interacting with your brand. With this top of mind, we identify areas for improvement and optimize the overall user experience to stunning results.


Are you eager to understand user behavior, optimize website design, and improve overall conversion rates? Heatmapping may be your ideal solution. By visually representing user interactions and engagement on a website or landing page – where values are indicated by color – heat maps provide crucial insights into how your site visitors navigate and interact with your digital assets. Clicks, scrolls, cursor movements, cold spots where visitors hover anticipating some sort of engagement and finding none – we use the wins and the missed opportunities to redesign, improve, and perfect your site.

A/B and Multivariate Testing 

The concept of A/B testing is simple: compare two versions of marketing content with a single variable altered. Figure out which performs better. But when done well, there is nothing simple about it. At WCG, we solve for the “why.” We use A/B tests to deepen our understanding of your target audience; then, we use that actionable data to increase conversion rates, reduce bounce rates, and much more. Did you know that if you want to explore multiple variations, your A/B testing may not be fast enough? We can help you make efficient, multivariate test designs to explore multiple dimensions with a smaller overall sample – and potentially lower costs!

Direct Mail Testing

There’s a reason why direct mail is still around – it works. But WCG can make it work better for you. With today’s data-driven testing strategies, we can make continuous improvements. At our firm, we have rich experience in direct mail and can design your campaigns for maximum effectiveness and testing – whether it’s A/B or multivariate. Then we identify which elements are helping you to acquire, convert, and retain customers, and use those results to refine and improve the effectiveness of your campaign.

Marketing Models

Optimize your campaign spend by sending your marketing message to the customers who are most likely to take action. We use a variety of modeling techniques to understand how organizations link to consumers through communication flows, how consumers respond, and even how competitors interact. Look-alike models, response models, attrition models, segmentation models, valuation models – we have experience with them all and can help you identify which one best meets your needs. Are you looking for more valuable customers or a better customer acquisition cost? We’re here to help.

Attribution Model

Lots of channels and messages go into influencing consumers’ purchasing decisions. From last- and first-touch attribution – where 100% of the conversion’s credit goes to the first or last touch – to weighted multisource attribution, our digital experts do the data analysis necessary to determine which touchpoints deserve - credit for the conversion.

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