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Digital ad on a mobile phone for CoStar talent recruitment campaign

if you build it...

CoStar, one of America’s fastest-growing companies, came to West Cary Group with a challenge: build a compelling recruitment campaign for, a property listing portal they acquired in 2021. Oh, and it had to appeal to candidates in specific communities across the U.S. And we had just two weeks.

...they will come

Here’s how we got the campaign to produce a whopping 14.4 million impressions and 351,000 clicks.

What started as broad recruitment was refined to target specific positions they needed to fill. We switched from “general creatives” and instead targeted copywriters, voice-over artists, video editors, designers, and photographers. Later, we refined the campaign even further to only target writers and photographers.

The campaign was based on jargon, which is something marketers typically try to avoid. But we needed to appeal to and attract fresh talent – those “in the know” – for CoStar. The tight time frame didn’t scare us; we produced a full campaign in a core set of 148 metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) that make up 80% of the U.S. population.

Images showing campaign performance for Google SEM campaign

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CoStar talent recruitment digital ad
CoStar talent recruitment digital ad
CoStar talent recruitment digital ad featuring woman on a park bench, working on her laptop
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