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crm done right

Optical web page on mobile phone
Web page featuring frames for glasses

setting our sights

Lots of people talk the talk when it comes to one-to-one marketing. For over five years, we've walked the walk by supporting the Luxottica CRM team. The international leader in eyewear needed email and direct marketing assets for some of its major retail brands – Target Optical, LensCrafters, Oakley, OPSM, Sears Optical and Pearle Vision – and West Cary Group lasered in on the campaigns.

visual proof

We crafted exquisitely branded customer communications that got the consumer to act.

To achieve this, we created a system incorporating both voice and design recommendations. When combined, it ensured the effectiveness of every touchpoint, digital or print. Templates connected that system, creating an unmistakable brand impression with efficient repeatable process, doing the heavy lifting of CRM in ways that appear effortless to the customer.

Ad featuring smiling woman wearing sunglasses
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