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challenge accepted

A prominent payments company and long-standing client wanted to provide robust reporting capabilities for their small business customers. Since they were not a bank, it would be challenging to compete effectively in the market. But where others see challenges, we see opportunity. West Cary Group partnered with them to enhance their user experience and cater to the unique needs of entrepreneurs.

leading the pack

Our UX research yielded invaluable insights that guided our approach. Contrary to our initial assumptions, we discovered SBOs already had access to robust reporting capabilities for managing their expenses. Rather than requiring additional features, what they really wanted was a holistic understanding of their spending in context. In fact, they sought a simple, streamlined, and friction-free UX that would allow them to quickly assess their financial status without relying on additional tools or reports.

Based on our findings, we shifted our focus to create a UX that would address the real needs of SBOs. Our strategy was to deliver a simple and logical framework, coupled with an intuitive user interface. Ultimately, we wanted to provide a seamless experience that facilitated easy comprehension of their expenditures, saving them time and effort in the process.

By emphasizing simplicity, relevance, and ease of use, we crafted a remarkable UX solution for our client.
As a result:

We positioned our client as a market maker in providing user-centric financial management solutions to SBOs.

SBO customers experienced heightened satisfaction and increased efficiency in managing their day-to-day finances.

Our client saved money by avoiding the costly pursuit of developing extravagant, unnecessary features or competing with other industry giants.

Our client could allocate their resources strategically and invest in areas that truly differentiated their services.

We found one more great way to assist a long-standing client and strengthen our partnership.

Plus, we continue to work with our client to refine and optimize the UX for their SBO customers.

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