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Ad with woman wearing glasses, promoting AARP discount on lenses and sunglasses
Digital ad promoting an AARP discount on sunglasses and lenses

a new perspective

EyeMed, the insurance arm of Luxottica, noticed that the international eyewear retailer’s 2020 sales were experiencing a pandemic-related slump.

In response, EyeMed created a new savings offer for AARP members to spark the interest of prospective customers. West Cary Group was asked to create a multichannel marketing campaign to promote it. Sales were down 40% YOY in the weeks leading up to the campaign, so we knew that whatever we did had to be deeply engaging – and highly targeted – to get customers through the door.

crystal-clear results

After just three months, sales quadrupled within the targeted group, totaling 107% of the 2020 goal – and more than double the sales for 2019. This is how we drove big results:

EyeMed established a new offer for AARP members within an existing discount program. Individuals could show their AARP card in store to receive savings on eyewear and eye exams at LensCrafters, Target Optical, and participating eye doctors. Our goal was to introduce this offer and increase discount program redemptions – and thus sales – by leveraging AARP-owned channels.

An initial ad was placed in AARP magazine’s October/November issue. From there, WCG kicked off our contribution, employing the power of social media, email, and direct mail to craft a compelling multichannel campaign. We developed targeting parameters, then collaborated with AARP and our print vendor for seamless execution. Throughout October and November, Facebook ads were launched, emails were deployed, and postcards were dropped.

Chart showing increase in sales and exceeding target goal

increase in sales

target goal reached

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