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software engineering

HTML. React. WordPress. CSS. Our talented team of software engineers and website developers collaborate to make sense of it all. Then they use their deep understanding of web applications and their mastery of programming languages to keep your digital marketing engine humming with mobile top of mind.

West Cary Group’s front-end developers are busy writing code, making sure that the web design is fully functional and arresting, while our back-end developers are hard at work modeling data, building code, and debugging for a seamless user experience. Our project managers oversee the process to keep all deliverables organized. The result is an on-time and on-budget digital voyage that strengthens customer engagement, increases site traffic, and builds brand.

our approach

Flexible Methodologies

When building websites, our process is the ultimate in speed, adaptability, continuous delivery, and improved outcomes for our clients. First, we start with a complete brand immersion and follow it up by wireframing your optimal site. Rather than tackling the web development process as a whole, we can parse it into short sprints and go agile. Or maybe your business would better benefit from a waterfall model, where every activity phase is passed down from and dependent on the other. Or perhaps you could use a little of this and a little of that, and that’s where we bring the hybrid methodology out to play. In short, we adapt our project management techniques to your needs and keep you in the loop so you can offer rapid feedback at every stage of the game. Win-win.

Product-Based Development

Get ready to make a whole new level of impact on your customers. Our product software engineers lead with empathy and work to understand how users interact with your product and why they make the decisions they do. They think through the product life cycle – from implementation through growth and scalability – then offer digital solutions that create the best user experience and the best value for your organization.

Custom Content Management System (CMS)

Sometimes, you don’t have the resources to hire a massive IT department or the time to train employees in website design for your operating systems. For those instances, only a custom CMS will do when you want to create, store, modify, and publish web content. Our CMS solutions are catered to your business and your workflow with an intuitive UI to boot so that even our most non-technical clients can easily take control of their websites. It’s digital self-service at its finest.

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