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campaign development

We’re here to make every possible marketing minute and campaign dollar count for your business. This means serving your target audience with the right message, at the optimal time, on the best channel. Plus, we understand the importance of creating captivating and memorable campaign concepts. Our ace team of professionals partners with you to develop innovative and engaging ideas that effectively communicate your brand’s message and resonate with your target audience. From brainstorming to concept execution, we ensure your campaigns are visually appealing, emotionally resonant, and aligned with your brand identity. Here’s how:

1. Define Your Audience

Who is your audience in terms of age, income, location, and other demographics? What are their pain points? What resonates with them? Through careful audience segmentation and analysis of consumer behavioral data, we move beyond the general and zero in on the specifics.

2. Determining Your Objective

Do you want to increase web traffic by 50% in six months? Improve search engine optimization to rank higher in six weeks? Increase brand consideration year over year? We listen to your needs and then set clear, measurable, and attainable goals. By establishing deadlines and specific actions, we can develop a clear framework for success.

3. Choose Your Channel

Where is your audience spending its time? How do they consume content? West Cary Group knows the ins and outs of media buying, including programmatic advertising, so your message can reach your intended audience quickly. Our in-house video marketing expertise can generate leads on social media. If you’re looking for a channel within the marketing space, we’ll figure out which one works best for your business.

4. Investing in Technology

The business that relies on marketing insights to fine-tune its campaigns is the business that says ahead of the competition. That’s why we’ve invested so heavily in martech. Our full suite of solutions ranges from the latest in social media monitoring, content management systems, customer relationship management, and more. By having cutting-edge digital tools and software in our stack, we can refine, streamline, and accelerate our marketing efforts in ways that help you satisfy your present customers and acquire new ones.

5. Driving ROI

At the end of the day, all our talents would mean nothing if they didn’t drive profit and revenue growth for your business. WCG shows you where your marketing dollars are being spent and helps you understand the amount of revenue generated so you know exactly where to allocate your marketing budget.

6. Optimizing Your Campaign

Our approach is always to test, learn, and grow. What’s working? What isn’t? Let’s refine, optimize, and, if necessary, pivot to improve results. Would a retargeting campaign help accelerate potential customers down the marketing funnel? Would a simple remarketing campaign nudge a customer to complete a purchase? These are the questions we ask because our clients deserve the best results. And it’s our mission to give that to them.

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