Just as in League of Legends, an individual cannot succeed alone at Riot Games–no matter how talented they may be. Only a team working together, contributing different and diverse skills and experiences, can win. Together, these individual contributions create the Big Picture.

This campaign will be replete with visual and content-based examples that show how things can be bigger and better, as well as more inclusive and equitable, when they are built through cooperation and collaboration.

New and expressive representations of the power of Rioters working together will be created and shared–to demonstrate in unique, unforgettable ways that true greatness can only result through the contributions of everyone, no matter their individual abilities and attributes.


Interactive Mailer

Rioters will be mailed an interactive booklet that prompts them to complete a variety of introspective exercises that they can then share to a real-time live-feed landing page. This provides a visual overview of the big picture–triggering empathy and providing opportunity to uplift others as well as hold themselves accountable to their work.


In-Office Display

Within the mailer, Rioters will find a postcard along with instructions on how they can make it their own by coloring and placing a sticker of one of the 100 commitments. They can then mail or digitally upload their creation to be included in the company-wide mosaic, displayed in the welcome area of offices around the world.


Interactive Postcards

Pages within the interactive booklet prompt employees to take photos of their favorite things (their cat, takeout food, etc.). They can submit their photos to the landing page to share their likes and find commonalities with other employees.


AR Postcards

Rioters can color and create an art piece that is automatically augmented when photographed with their phone. This gives each employee a way to express their individuality in a way that truly comes alive and connects with Riot’s commitment to innovation.


Mailable Postcards

Rioters will also be provided a variety of postcards to send to teammates around the world. From encouraging statements to recognizing a job well done, these cards give Rioters a means to bridge communication gaps and connect with others.


Digital LP Experience

The live-feed landing page will be a place for Rioters to see their own and others’ submissions. Rioters will be able to like, comment, and sort by category of commitment–allowing them to see how they fit into the big picture.


Manager Toolkit

Managers will receive their own booklets along with a supplementary digital PDF. The PDF will provide guidance on engaging their reports as well as prompts and exercises to get their teams motivated for change. Also included are email templates they can utilize to encourage their reports, gain feedback, and send corporate content. Lastly, managers will be given time to meet with other managers to discuss progress and maintenance.