Riot Games took League of Legends from an idea in its founders’ garage to the biggest game in the world through relentless focus on the gamer experience. Every extra minute, every dollar went into continually improving the gameplay and experience, to keep players engaged and fulfilled.

By applying its legendary focus–and bringing intention and mindfulness to the opportunities at hand–the employees of Riot Games can engineer a corporate culture that supports and benefits all.

This campaign features a spectrum of focal points that will activate both introspection and outreach,


Flip-Disk Display

A large interactive flip disk will be displayed in various Riot Games offices around the world. The disk will slowly cycle through the 100 commitments, shattering and refocusing to reveal a new commitment each time Rioters walk by.


Focus Meditation App

This meditative app will prompt the user to focus on a unique daily commitment via a 30-second breathing cycle. Rioters are able to screengrab, share, and showcase their favorite commitments to demonstrate their dedication to change.


Lenticular Cards

A lenticular card will be mailed to each employee, encouraging them to explore the company’s commitments. Employees can display this piece in their workspace in person or on Zoom to let others know they are dedicated to the cause.


Custom Emojis

We will design various gifs, emojis, and art that can be posted in work communication channels like Slack to encourage employees to take action and recognize them for work well done.


Manager’s Toolkit

Managers will receive an interactive PDF that lays out actionable steps for planning, implementation, gathering feedback, analysis, and sharing their point of view. Focus groups will be held with senior leaders and managers to set their intentions, and then later with their teams to share out their commitments and create accountability, enabling them to focus their teams to make true change.