West Cary Group Appoints Head of Innovation

West Cary Group has appointed Camille Blanchard as Vice President, Head of Innovation

West Cary Group has appointed Camille Blanchard as Vice President, Head of Innovation

West Cary Group is excited to announce that it has formed WCG Innovation (WCGi) – a new agency function dedicated to exploring emerging technologies, applying expertise to client campaigns and supporting agency evolution. Camille Blanchard will lead this new function as Vice President, Head of Innovation.

“It’s a thrilling time at our firm,” says Moses Foster, president and CEO of West Cary Group. “We’ve acquired top-notch talent with a diverse skill set who can act as our own think tank. WCGi is not just an opportunity to experiment with new technologies like virtual and augmented reality and immersive, interactive video; it’s also a chance for us to uncover new areas of opportunity for growth – both for our clients and our agency.”

“I can’t think of a better person to helm WCGi than Camille Blanchard,” continues Foster. “She’s proven she has the skills and strategic mindset needed to lead this new venture.”

Before joining West Cary Group in 2007, Blanchard was a senior manager in Capital One’s Product Innovation Center, where she led a multifunctional team of analysts, statisticians, and project and process managers responsible for rapid prototyping and multivariate testing.  

As a West Cary Group team member, she laid the foundation for Account Services and joined the executive team in 2010 to lead the function, providing ongoing strategic counsel to premier global, national and regional companies on market positioning, brand development and integrated communications. As Head of Innovation, Blanchard will guide agency-wide efforts across emerging technologies, rapid prototyping, branded entertainment and continuous learning.

“I’m excited by this new role and its challenges,” says Blanchard. “Our world is relentlessly influenced by technology, mobility, big data and the Internet of Things. Our manner of engagement is shifting, and as marketers and brand stewards, we must follow suit. Through vigilance and inventiveness, WCGi will help our clients lead in this evolving landscape and create the best possible products, services and experiences for their customers.” 

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