West Cary Group Updates Henrico EDA with Fresh e-Newsletter

Tuesday, May 9, saw the launch of Henrico Now, an e-newsletter showcasing the people, companies and events that make Henrico County special. The communication was created and developed by West Cary Group, Henrico Economic Development Authority's (EDA) Agency of Record, and is just one of the strategic marketing changes we're implementing to guide the region toward economic success.

Henrico Now replaces Henrico Living, a quarterly magazine the EDA formerly placed in area grocery stores.

Former WCG Web Developer Fletcher Padgett says, "At its core, Henrico Living was a sound idea, but Henrico Now reaches far more touch points, communicates with potential customers as well as citizens, and provides up-to-the minute site metrics. And it has one great added benefit–by not printing bulky magazines, we're lowering their carbon footprint."

Divided into three categories–Work, Live and Grow–the e-newsletter showcases how there's a little something for everyone in this progressive community. The site includes informative videos featuring local business leaders, compelling images of area events and constantly updated articles highlighting Henrico's universal appeal.

Individuals and businesses can access Henrico Now by visiting the site or subscribing via Henrico EDA's website. WCG also integrated social media into the marketing mix–Facebook and Twitter accounts were created for the e-newsletter, and posts promote each new content addition.

Rachal Hansen, Senior Account Manager, emphasizes how measurable the impact of the e-newsletter will be because of West Cary Group's marketing strategy. "By tying Henrico Now to the Henrico EDA website, we're raising their search engine optimization placement. Also, our incorporation of social media creates several ways for Henrico Now to gain traction."

Adds Padgett, "Site metrics will show WCG where, when and how that traction occurred, and we'll fine-tune our tactics accordingly. We're excited about the potential of this e-newsletter and the possibilities it holds for the economic advancement of Henrico."

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