West Cary Group Strengthens Web Team with Two New Digital Pros

West Cary Group was fired up when we hired Adrian Daniels and Jason Fanning as Senior Digital Director and Digital Director, respectively. We were excited about the innovative marketing strategies their skills would produce in the digital space. It turns out the feeling is contagious; talk to Adrian and Jason, and they're equally energized to lead WCG's Web Team into an era of growth and development.

Adrian brings over 20 years of digital knowledge to the agency, and is gifted in UNIX Systems administration, web development and systems analysis. He says, "Through my years in tech, I've noticed that things that were once difficult are so second nature they're being commoditized. WCG takes advantage of that and allows the web team to spend more energy on digital solutions. Here, I get the opportunity to explore new technologies that enable business success in a way that goes beyond our competitors, and that excites me."

Jason, who has spent nearly 15 years in web development and computer programming for companies like CACI and Capital One, couldn't agree more. "Social media, web videos, mobile–you name it. Working for an agency like West Cary Group that specializes in integrated communications means I get to create campaigns where we put multiple channels to work for our clients, and that's awesome."

Adrian adds, "West Cary Group is unique in that we are able to successfully blend technical solutions with marketing strategy–rarely do companies excel at both. I think WCG has a rare opportunity to do something remarkable in this space, and we have the energy and enthusiasm to really push the envelope."

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