West Cary Group Primes Major Client for Mobile Possibilities

When one of West Cary Group’s valued clients, a large insurance company, wanted to find out how it might leverage the mobile channel in its existing market and sought our guidance, we jumped at the opportunity to develop a thorough presentation for them. We couldn’t help but jump. As specialists in integrated communications, digital things excite us.

With the help of our sister agency, hawkeye, we quickly developed a market assessment of mobile in the insurance space. Our enthusiasm for the project was also spurred on by the fact that we would be solidifying our knowledge base for other clients. In mobile, there are opportunities to connect with customers like never before, which leads West Cary Group to push engagement and raise awareness.

Rachael Harris-Evans, Senior Account Director, was a monumental force in augmenting and honing the data collected. “Mobile is changing at a revolutionary rate. Information that’s six months old may as well be 20 years old. So I turned my focus to recent case studies, key landscapes, similar companies that were using mobile—all information that would immediately benefit the client.”

The presentation, created using Keynote and WebEx, was delivered by Moses Foster, President and CEO of West Cary Group, and was well received. Moses credits the success to how West Cary Group presented its findings.

Moses said, “West Cary Group focused on how mobile works, its value and how it factors into the overall marketing mix. Whereas it’s easy to see with mobile how B2C companies can take advantage quickly, the applications in B2B are not as clear. And, as one of the core capabilities of our client is employee communications—including sales force empowerment through access to information—it was up to West Cary Group to become expert so we could pass on this knowledge to our clients.”

To end the presentation, West Cary Group provided the client with plenty of ideas on how to harness the power of mobile in the future.

“When that happens, it’s a rewarding feeling,” says Moses. “It means West Cary Group accomplished our goal and all the hard work that we put into it paid off for our client.”

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