WCG Travels to Europe to Deliver Powerful Corporate Communications

When MWV sought to ignite its internal corporate communications strategy, it came to WCG to provide the spark. WCG knew that for any strategy to be successfully implemented, it had to reach all areas of the business—no easy task for a company with a global presence in over 30 countries.

To overcome this obstacle, Moses Foster, CEO, and Blair Keeley, Vice President, flew to MWV’s international facilities to conduct real-world company research in The Netherlands, Austria and the Czech Republic.

Says Moses Foster, CEO, “Creating internal communications for an international company is challenging. The good news is the large scope lends itself to increased creativity. Fundamentally, communications should keep employees connected to opportunities, successes and corporate strategy. When you develop an innovative strategy, it can be a motivating force for employees and invigorate a company.”

At each stop on their journey, Moses and Blair conducted interviews with company employees from the factory floors to the boardroom. Audio captured every nuance and sound of the employees’ work environment. Workers spoke of their individual roles at MWV and how they fit into the larger company plan. WCG also took video shots to build a library of MWV employee images.

Of their strategy, Blair says, “WCG fully understands the possibilities of corporate communications. Our firm uses rich audio, video and a variety of social media to hammer out fresh, compelling campaigns. Our goal is to engage every employee in every corner of every company that we create strategies for—MWV and beyond.”

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