WCG Helps Shape Brand Identity for Valued Laboratory Services Client

Last year, WCG renewed business with Carilion Labs as it finalized its merger with Spectrum Laboratory Network. And on February 1, 2011, the new face of the unified laboratory service companies—Solstas Lab Partners—was presented to the world with its official brand launch.

In the development of the new brand identity, WCG wanted to ensure that prospective clients would see a distinguishing difference between Solstas and its market competitors. Of equal concern was appealing to the clients of both Carilion and Spectrum so that they would continue to turn to Solstas for the expert medical service they had come to know and trust.

As part of the brand identity strategy for newly formed Solstas, WCG designed an engaging new logo.

As part of the brand identity strategy for newly formed Solstas, WCG designed an engaging new logo.

Rachael Harris-Evans, Senior Account Director, says, “WCG went through a visual exercise with Solstas’ competitors. What we found was an overwhelming sameness in look and feel. We wanted to create something that was immediately engaging, so we designed and presented an orange orb—a shape and color that are simultaneously warm and powerful. Also, Solstas is a very customer-centric company, so we chose a typeface that was inviting and accessible, yet still professional at its core.”

The new logo was just one of the many components of WCG’s new brand identity strategy for Solstas. WCG also developed a series of marketing materials that reflect the meaning of Solstas, which is a “turning point.” Figuratively, it represents the dawn of a new era for the company.

Moses Foster, WCG President and CEO, says, “Solstas is one of the largest full-service laboratories in the nation, and I’m excited about the places WCG can take such a fast-growing client. We’re already laying the groundwork for original marketing solutions that will continue to drive the growth of Solstas’ business.”

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