WCG Boosts Web Team with Code Jockey

When WCG was looking to invigorate its web team with fresh blood in order to better serve our clients in the relentlessly developing online space, we knew we found our man in Fletcher Padgett.

A self-professed code jockey, he began a love affair with computers at the tender age of five when he dismantled an IBM 8086 XT computer. Fast-forward 26 years and he had partnered with a friend to run his own company, CoolerTags™, an online application for creating retail point-of-sale materials. He also swung some consulting on the side.

WCG discovered Fletch’s talent when we hired him to do HTML breakouts for our new website. We learned he had a handful of other skill sets—like RIA, software and web service development, dynamic PDF generation, and ETL/Data Warehousing, to name a few. Thrilled, we knew he was the perfect person to improve our service offerings and offered him a full-time gig. Something tells us he’s as jazzed as we are.

Fletch said enthusiastically, “I love the web!! In a platonic human and gazillions-of-electrical-pulses kind of way…”

Yeah, he’s a bit of a computer dork. But that’s the way we like ‘em. So online platform, lookout! WCG and Fletcher Padgett are climbing aboard. We get the feeling its going to be a fun ride.

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