New Promotion, Hiring at West Cary Group

West Cary Group’s Operations Team is growing! Former Operations Manager and Executive Assistant Monica Dodd has been promoted to the newly created role of Operations Manager, while newcomer Shay Wilson joins West Cary Group as Executive Assistant.

The division in duties has proved necessary as West Cary Group continues to experience an age of growth and expansion as a full-service integrated marketing, communications and advertising firm.

Says Monica of her new role, “I’ve watched WCG grow from five full-time employees to 20, so it’s a thrilling, exciting time to be a part of this firm. I appreciate the promotion to Operations Manager and I’m excited about the new challenges involved, like Benefit Administration and Capacity Planning. I aim not to disappoint such a gifted team that’s placed its confidence in me.”

Under Monica’s careful direction, Shay Wilson is being primed to conquer the Executive Assistant territory that Monica successfully blazed before her. Shay’s prior experience lies in event management; before joining WCG, she tailored websites to client specifications at RaceIt, a company that specializes in creating customized online registration systems.

Shay says, “I have been with WCG for exactly a week and have looked forward to coming back each day. Monica is preparing me to be a master organizer, so I look forward to growing with the company and learning more about all of our future goals to cultivate this business.”

West Cary Group is proud to have them both on the team. Every day, they bring both tireless service and dedication to the firm, and WCG is a better company because of their efforts.

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