WCG Tapped to Market Richmond International Airport

An award-winning marketing and communications agency, a once-in-a-lifetime business opportunity, 19 competitors, an immovable deadline and a 30-minute race through afternoon traffic. Sounds like the makings of a good action flick, but, instead, these were the components that played parts in West Cary Group (WCG) being appointed agency of record for Richmond International Airport.

In the proposal, we focused on our expanded capabilities—especially those in critical digital channels. Since opening in 2007, WCG has developed into a dynamic 32-member marketing team diverse in thought and talent—including specialties in web design, mobile application development, brand strategy, content development and marketing analytics.

Enter the race through downtown traffic. Putting finishing touches on the proposal that would give WCG the competitive edge meant working up to the very last minutes of a fast-approaching deadline. In order to meet it, Nick pulled off deft driving maneuvers through traffic congestion the likes of which would make Dale Earnhardt proud. Meanwhile, Liz Johnson, newly hired Assistant Copywriter and Researcher, raced behind to deliver the remaining two required proposal copies. (Lesson learned: An airport isn’t the best place to leave an unattended vehicle in these days of heightened security measures.)

“I haven’t driven like that since high school,” Nick says. “But we had to show how we were uniquely positioned to assist RIC in growing its business. 3,000,000 travelers passing through the airport each year means millions of opportunities to make a memorable impact not only for RIC, but also for the metro Richmond area. We carefully illustrated how we can make every one of those impressions count—especially in mobile realms—while cultivating even more.”

In the end, WCG won the contract. We credit the honor to our team’s diverse talents and our efforts to develop our services in the right channels by anticipating clients’ needs. Our partnership with RIC began with a bang, and we’re going to give it our marketing all to ensure the excitement continues.

Stay tuned.

Read the official press release.

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