WCG Sponsors MEGA Mentors Program of Chesterfield County

If one student fails to recognize his or her self-worth or the impact he or she can personally make upon the world, West Cary Group considers it one too many.

Our community’s youth need to know that they are in control their own destiny; that they are not just powerless participants in lives shaped by chance. They need help understanding that they have a voice, and that the decisions they make today will have a direct impact on the world of tomorrow. Sometimes, for our youth to have a realization as profound as this, they need a spark. Enter MEGA Mentors.  

MEGA Mentors was founded four years ago, when Dr. Marcus Newsome called together community leaders to exchange ideas on how to improve the academic performance of male African-American students. Fast-forward to the present day, and MEGA Mentors is now an established affiliate of the Chesterfield Public Education Foundation, and dedicated to improving the educational success rate of minority children in the region. The group is nearly 100 volunteer mentors strong and serves four schools, helping over 150 minority school children along the way.

“Respect, responsibility, education and achievement,” says Greg Cummings, President of MEGA Mentors. “Our mentors encourage our youth to focus on these values. Young people need positive role models who help them think differently, who let them know that they’re worthy and that they can live lives of infinite possibility if they just apply themselves—both in academics and in their communities. We effect change by helping the students set goals and create a vision of success. That’s how we make a difference, and that’s a great feeling.”

West Cary Group’s donation to MEGA Mentors came as the group prepared for its Second Annual Fine Art Benefit and Sale held Saturday, January 18, at 7:00 p.m. at the Hippodrome Theater in Richmond. The signature event raised additional funds for the program.

“Our benefit was part of the Freedom Classic Festival, an event that commemorates the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.,” says Cummings. “We’re excited to be a part of such a momentous occasion, held on the birthday weekend of one of the most celebrated men in our history, and we’re thrilled that West Cary Group was able to support us in our endeavor.” 

“West Cary Group takes a vested interest in supporting our community—especially in ways that enrich the lives of our young people,” says Moses Foster, President and CEO of West Cary Group. “And as an agency rooted in diversity, we value the opportunities we have to contribute to programs like MEGA Mentors, that seek to bolster the present and future success of our minority youth.”

MEGA Mentors needs you! If you have an interest in volunteering, fill out the application form on the program’s official site.

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