WCG Launches New Website and Mobile App for Henrico Tourism

Residents of Henrico are familiar with the world-class sporting events, rich culture and history that their area has to offer. But Henrico Tourism wants everyone to know. To accomplish this the Office needed an agency to create a website that was as welcoming and active as the region itself.

Henrico Tourism wanted to tell an energetic story of a county through images and user interaction, so West Cary Group used minimal site text and the words we did use we made vibrant. For instance, we placed verbs in the website navigation to make it active. And, since our agency thinks mobile first, we also executed a Henrico Tourism app for smartphones and tablets.”

Perhaps most importantly, West Cary Group knew that in order to persuade users to digitally explore the attractions of our county, we had to execute a strategy based in user experience design. That is, we analyzed the exact needs of the consumer—in this case, visitors—and organized the site’s information architecture accordingly. To that end, we furnished the Henrico Tourism website with:

• Weather integration
• An interactive map of the region
• A site specific search engine
• Sort and filter functions

As for the mobile application, West Cary Group designed it to be web responsive to create an optimal viewing experience with minimal panning and scrolling. We also streamlined content in order to provide the most pertinent Henrico County topics to visitors who are on the go. 

In our efforts to encourage user interaction, it helped West Cary Group that Henrico County is keen on recreation. For the sports enthusiast, there’s an international raceway, a PGA Championship golf course and The Triple Crown U.S. Baseball Championship. Not to mention there are plenty of creative venues to host company events and over 500 restaurants to experience before, during or after a gathering.

The collaboration with Henrico Tourism doesn’t stop here. West Cary Group is in the process of delivering sports collateral that will highlight recreational activities to see and participate in within the county. The organization will distribute the brochures at events in the region.

“Henrico Tourism is thoroughly enjoying our partnership with West Cary Group,” says Dawn Miller, Tourism Supervisor of Henrico County Recreation and Parks. “We’re going to continue to market our region together and we’re excited about where the county will go from here.”

Go to www.visithenrico.com on your computer or mobile device to explore Henrico County.

Looking to start or expand a business in Henrico? Check out the revamped Henrico Now site, also designed by West Cary Group.

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