WCG Resolves to Make the Old New Again with Expansion in Historic Monroe Ward

When West Cary Group first opened its doors in the once-thriving Monroe Ward District in 2007, we began as a firm of two with ample room for growth. Five years later, that “ample room” has become “a packed hub of communications activity.” Now with 30 employees, WCG is ready to inject the area with more life by expanding to 10 West Cary Street – a historic building directly facing our current headquarters.

Renovations to the structure are slated to begin at the start of 2012, nearly 136 years after the building was first built. As part of the restoration, WCG will preserve the historical integrity of the building – which features original hardwood flooring, stunning 10-foot windows and wrought iron gate work – while adding the modern touches and technology needed to power a full-service marketing communications and advertising firm.

“I made a conscious decision to establish West Cary Group in Monroe Ward,” says  President & CEO Moses Foster. “I saw an area that had gone largely ignored and a terrific chance to revitalize one of Richmond’s finest communities. Now we have another opportunity to reinvest in the downtown region, and I’m happy that WCG has risen to a place in our business life where we can take advantage of it.”

In order to best serve clients, marketers today need capabilities in all channels – including social media, mobile, webdirect mail, TV and print. Moses credits WCG’s recent expansion to its ability to integrate these channels seamlessly into marketing programs that power measurable results.

“Our clients know what they get in return for every marketing dollar they spend,” says Moses. “In these difficult economic times, you have to know what your ROI is. Every penny counts.”

“So much has changed since we started in 2007,” he continues. “Not just at WCG, but in the community. Now, when I drive into Monroe Ward, I see an area on the rise. The expansion of the VCU campus, the development of area restaurants and businesses… this historic district has regained momentum. WCG is proud to be a part of the resurgence, and we see possibility for even more growth in the near future.”

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