WCG Reinvests in Community with Office Expansion in Downtown Richmond

Oh, what a difference six years makes.

An image of the new building's original front office.

An image of the new building's original front office.

An image of the renovated front office, reverse shot.

An image of the renovated front office, reverse shot.

Back in 2007 when West Cary Group opened its doors in Historic Monroe Ward, if people had visited the neighborhood they would have witnessed a much different place. The streets were quieter then. It was an area that was overlooked at best and disregarded at worst.

But today the community sets a much different tone. There’s a bustle. Small businesses and local restaurants are sprouting. VCU is extending its campus. Now count West Cary Group in the movement as the agency expands its offices beyond 5 West Cary Street to include 10 West Cary Street. 

“It’s an exciting time to be a part of this community,” says Moses Foster, President and CEO of WCG. “This area is humming with a growing creative energy. We’re happy that we’re at a point in our firm that we can lend our voice to that sound.”

Moses credits WCG’s expansion to a few fundamental beliefs that the agency holds.

“It’s not quite The Little Engine That Could,” jokes Moses, “but WCG’s story is certainly one of belief. We believe in the power of diversity—that people from diverse backgrounds with diverse ideas will produce consistently superior results—and we’ve steadily built our team accordingly.

“We also believe in the necessity for multi-channel communications in modern marketing. In order to best serve our clients, our team has capabilities that reach across channels, like social media, mobile, web, direct mail, TV and print. Then we integrate them seamlessly into marketing campaigns that drive measureable results. It’s a strategy that’s helped grow our client base

“And not least of all, we believe in Monroe Ward and downtown Richmond and the rich history of diversity here. We got our start when you could see the first signs of a resurgence that was triggered by a wide mix of industries, businesses and people. We love our community, and expanding our office here is another way that we can give back to an area that has given so much to us.”

Part of giving back means restoring the 137-year-old structure that WCG will call home. Renovations began in the fall of 2011, and WCG preserved the historical integrity of the building – which features beautiful original hardwood flooring and stunning 10-foot windows – while adding the modern technology needed to power a full-service communications firm. Contemporary touches include:

  • An underground fiber optic cable installation to provide lightning fast communication between WCG’s original headquarters and the new office
  • An access control security system that provides keyless employee entry and exit via key fobs (small security hardware devices with built-in authentication) and mobile application
  • A Voiceover Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system that takes analog audio signals and reconfigures them into digital data transmitted over the internet

“Preserving the history that made our community great while playing a role in its future success,” concludes Moses, “I can’t tell you how good it feels to make that type of contribution to downtown Richmond.”

West Cary Group plans to begin the expansion into our new office February 21.

Read the official press release for further details.

For more images of WCG's new building renovations, check out our official Pinterest page.  

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