New Associate Art Director and Project Manager Elevate West Cary Group Team

After extensive searching, West Cary Group has hired Wendy Thacker and Elizabeth Sundberg to join the team and further strengthen our client offerings. Wendy will serve as Associate Art Director, while Elizabeth joins the agency as Project Manager.

“When we found Wendy, we knew she was a perfect fit for WCG,” says Alexis Gayle, newly promoted Creative Director. “She was freelancing with us as a Graphic Designer and executed tremendously innovative creative for high-profile clients, so we knew she could deliver when it mattered most. We were lucky to convince her that she needed to work with us full time.”

The hiring of Elizabeth Sundberg to West Cary Group’s Account Team is sure to prove as much of an asset to the company.

“Elizabeth excels in the creative process and providing marketing solutions,” says Camille Blanchard, Vice President, Account Services. “Before she came to WCG, she was successfully leading Paladin Tools into big box retail sales, managed three separate brands under the corporate umbrella and headed a rebranding project of her own. Her work ethic is incredible, and she brings that drive every day to WCG.”

Both Wendy and Elizabeth have proven talent and marketing savvy that will spur West Cary Group’s continued growth. We’re excited about the powerful campaigns they’ll help generate for current and future clients.

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