WCG Creative Team Members Earn Deserved Promotions

Several West Cary Group Creative Team members ended the year with a promotion bang. Debra Fitzgerald, formerly Creative Manager, WCG Rhythm, now joins the Executive Team as Vice President of the same department. Alexis Gayle, previously Senior Art Director has gained the title of Creative Director. And Chase Thompson, once Creative Director and Copy Chief has achieved “Senior” status.

“Senior Creative Director?” jokes Chase, “I feel it, especially before a good snow. But seriously, I know all of us are honored by these promotions. It feels great to be recognized for marketing efforts that we consider a joy to do every day. ”

Working with WCG since 2007, Debra went from being the only graphic designer to the current leader of WCG Rhythm—an exclusive team of designers, proofreaders, editors and compliance specialists that execute and ensure the quality of WCG’s creative. Their specialty is delivering high-volume/quality-assured creative modifications and versioning on time, every time.

Alexis and Chase both joined WCG in 2009. Alexis will now oversee the creative team in order to help develop superior creative, design, multimedia, production and marketing products for agency clients. Chase will supervise the development and execution of all the agency’s conceptual work and public relations efforts in addition to leading the copywriting team.

“Impressive, inventive, energetic . . . I could go on and on about Debra, Alexis and Chase,” adds Blair Keeley, Executive Vice President and Chief Creative Officer, “As West Cary Group’s client roster and work demands have increased, they’ve risen above the challenges and delivered dynamic marketing strategies in the process.”

“I am constantly amazed by the creative talent that West Cary Group has been fortunate enough to assemble,” compliments Moses Foster, President and CEO of WCG. “They’re the ones who think of unique ways we can integrate multiple marketing channels like digitalsocial and direct into a powerful campaign. They’re the driving force behind our strategic thinking and the reason why West Cary Group has achieved the success that we have for our agency and for our clients.”

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