West Cary Group Breaks New Digital Ground for Union Bank & Trust

West Cary Group has designed and launched a new content-focused website, called “Together With U” on behalf of our client Union Bank & Trust. Our firm executed this digitally-forward initiative as a way to share positive happenings and offer helpful business and financial advice. 

Together With U shares positive happenings and offers helpful business and financial advice

Together With U shares positive happenings and offers helpful business and financial advice

“Together With U is a demonstration of Union’s ongoing commitment to the community,” says Rachal Hansen, Senior Account Director of West Cary Group. “Union has earned the distinction of being the largest community-owned bank in Virginia but it’s not satisfied with resting on past success. Rather, it focuses on how it can be an even greater asset to the Commonwealth. The key is to engage with the community and their customers – and Together With U is a forward-thinking way to deepen that engagement.”

West Cary Group develops and manages Together With U’s content, which it updates on a weekly basis. The firm reaches out to future business leaders, local CEOs and the community at large in order to develop content that’s enriching and informative for the community. The site also features video segments from Union’s on-going FEEL GOOD FRIDAY series on WTVR CBS 6.

“Content is, in many ways, the new advertising,” continues Hansen. “Now more than ever, people want to see companies making a difference in the lives of customers, affecting change and living up to their social responsibilities. As Union’s agency of record, West Cary Group is thrilled that we can help our client evolve in this emerging and exciting marketing realm.”

West Cary Group Hires Tech Veteran Roy Huhta as Chief Product Officer

West Cary Group is excited to announce that we have hired Roy Huhta as our first Chief Product Officer. In this new role, he will lead the agency’s development of Agile practices and solution delivery, analytics, social media and digital technology marketing strategy.

"The role of Chief Product Officer is a key next step in evolving our agency competencies to deliver the integrated customer experience that’s required to drive ROI for our clients,” said Moses Foster, West Cary Group president and CEO. “Roy has a wealth of experience in Agile Marketing, human-centered design and technology, making him the right leader to take us to the next level."

Roy Huhta, the first Chief Product Officer of West Cary Group

Roy Huhta, the first Chief Product Officer of West Cary Group

Huhta comes to West Cary Group with more than 15 years’ experience in brand development, Agile software delivery, operational and business analytics, UI/UX and customer experience management grounded in Design Thinking and user-centered design, and a passion for delivering value to the marketplace. He previously spent 16 years at Capital One Financial Corp., most recently as director of product management. Huhta led Capital One’s migration to Agile delivery and its implementation of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) delivery model across multiple operational and technology teams.

"My focus will be to apply the principles of Agile Marketing: deeply understanding your customer, leveraging that data for prioritizing and optimizing an experience through beautifully designed technology and interactions, and doing so in a way that values market delivery over planning,” said Huhta. “This resonates everywhere in the marketplace. I'm thrilled to be a part of a progressive agency that already has the foundations of award-winning creative, performance marketing and engineering talent. With a newly formed team of data scientists who will complement our efforts, I’m very excited about our path forward."

West Cary Group Promotes Rhythm Team Member

West Cary Group is thrilled to announce the promotion of Nancy Maunder to Senior Production Designer, WCG Rhythm – our exclusive creative logistics capability that provides optimized delivery of high-volume creative modifications and versioning. Maunder previously served as Graphic Designer.

“Nancy has an excellent understanding of the production process and pushes the envelope for innovative solutions in multiple formats – from direct mail to 3D structural graphics,” says Debra Fitzgerald, West Cary Group Creative Manager. “Her unwavering attention to detail assures the quality of the agency’s creative product.”

Nancy Maunder, Senior Production Designer

Nancy Maunder, Senior Production Designer

Maunder enhances WCG with nearly 25 years of marketing experience and has a strong background in vendor and press coordination. Before joining our firm, she served as a graphic designer for Martin Remick Moore & Reed and Riddick Advertising, and then spent 15 years freelancing for such clients as Blue Cross Blue Shield, Capital One and Genworth.

“This promotion is a tremendous honor,” says Maunder. “My five years at West Cary Group have been personally and professionally rewarding. I’ve had the opportunity to mentor the next generation of marketers through our internship program and work alongside diverse talent on visual campaigns that bolster our clients’ results. I look forward to helping Rhythm run with even greater efficiency.”  

West Cary Group Team Member Helps Switzerland Ring in Carnaval

On February 13, residents and tourists in Switzerland celebrated with a little help from a Richmonder. West Cary Group account director Susan Mitchell was selected to design a poster for Carnaval aux Bains des Pâquis to showcase its 2016 theme of “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea,” and in doing so, proved she is a team member with a diverse set of talents.

“As a member of West Cary Group’s account management team, it’s rewarding to fine-tune campaigns and drive results for our clients,” said Mitchell. “But when I’m outside the office, it’s exciting to let that strategically focused mindset go and tap into my creative side and see where it leads me.”

Mitchell’s poster includes a giant squid, the Paquis Lighthouse, a hot air balloon and a hidden ode to RVA stashed among the treasure.

Mitchell’s poster includes a giant squid, the Paquis Lighthouse, a hot air balloon and a hidden ode to RVA stashed among the treasure.

“This project was particularly thrilling because it was so rustic,” she explains. “Since the theme harkened back to a 19th-century novel, I got to create with colored pencils and paper instead of computer-generated imagery.”

In order to achieve her desired vision, Mitchell had to assemble many ideas to craft a cohesive story in her work. She adopted imagery from Jules Verne’s classic novel, while including nods to the whimsy of the Carnaval and a few artistic touches of her own. 

A friend of Mitchell and Geneva resident Breck Knapp reports that the public’s reception was warm. In fact, a member of the Spanish Consulate in Switzerland asked for a copy so that she could display it at her seaside home in Spain.

A man walks by Mitchell's Carnaval poster on a Geneva street corner

A man walks by Mitchell's Carnaval poster on a Geneva street corner

“It’s fulfilling to have an artistic outlet,” adds Mitchell. “I’ve written and illustrated two children’s books in the past – Daddy Takes the Train to Work and Golf Buddies – and I’m starting to make more time for creativity again. This honor is great motivation for me to always keep personal exploration alive and growing.”

West Cary Group Appoints Head of Innovation

West Cary Group has appointed Camille Blanchard as Vice President, Head of Innovation

West Cary Group has appointed Camille Blanchard as Vice President, Head of Innovation

West Cary Group is excited to announce that it has formed WCG Innovation (WCGi) – a new agency function dedicated to exploring emerging technologies, applying expertise to client campaigns and supporting agency evolution. Camille Blanchard will lead this new function as Vice President, Head of Innovation.

“It’s a thrilling time at our firm,” says Moses Foster, president and CEO of West Cary Group. “We’ve acquired top-notch talent with a diverse skill set who can act as our own think tank. WCGi is not just an opportunity to experiment with new technologies like virtual and augmented reality and immersive, interactive video; it’s also a chance for us to uncover new areas of opportunity for growth – both for our clients and our agency.”

“I can’t think of a better person to helm WCGi than Camille Blanchard,” continues Foster. “She’s proven she has the skills and strategic mindset needed to lead this new venture.”

Before joining West Cary Group in 2007, Blanchard was a senior manager in Capital One’s Product Innovation Center, where she led a multifunctional team of analysts, statisticians, and project and process managers responsible for rapid prototyping and multivariate testing.  

As a West Cary Group team member, she laid the foundation for Account Services and joined the executive team in 2010 to lead the function, providing ongoing strategic counsel to premier global, national and regional companies on market positioning, brand development and integrated communications. As Head of Innovation, Blanchard will guide agency-wide efforts across emerging technologies, rapid prototyping, branded entertainment and continuous learning.

“I’m excited by this new role and its challenges,” says Blanchard. “Our world is relentlessly influenced by technology, mobility, big data and the Internet of Things. Our manner of engagement is shifting, and as marketers and brand stewards, we must follow suit. Through vigilance and inventiveness, WCGi will help our clients lead in this evolving landscape and create the best possible products, services and experiences for their customers.” 

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