Why Immersive Storytelling Might Be Right for Your Business

by Camille Blanchard, VP, Head of Innovation, West Cary Group

Last November, West Cary Group (WCG) trumpeted the numerous advantages of immersive storytelling. Since then, the 360° field has been widening rapidly, and marketing channels have been prepping accordingly. Many companies are now realizing the power of immersive 360° videos and virtual reality (VR) experiences.

Businesses are paying attention to overwhelming data. Like the fact that content generates up to 94 percent more views when compelling visual elements are incorporated – and that 90 percent of information transmitted to the human brain is visual. Considering this, might it be time for your company to invest in an immersive storytelling strategy?

Tech Giants Come Out to Play

If the answer is yes, you’ll be in good company. Last December, YouTube introduced a new way to watch 360° videos in which users are granted the ability to manipulate the screen to determine which portion of the video to experience. In April, the site began supporting livestream 360° video. 

Recently, Google announced that it would release mobile devices enhanced with Daydream this fall. Daydream is a new protocol for VR-ready smartphones and tablets that (among other things) shrinks latency rates to less than 20 milliseconds – a feature that is key to a seamless VR experience. 

This June, Twitter joined forces with the NBA and Samsung to forge the first 360° video ad deal. During the NBA Finals, Twitter cards were linked to exclusive basketball videos shot with the Samsung Gear 360 camera.

The gadget is already available to consumers in Singapore and South Korea, with a global release set later this year at an expected $350 price point. But you don’t have to wait for the Gear 360; there are plenty of similar recording devices already on the market at reasonable price points.

On August 7, Gian LaVecchia, VP of client strategy for Verve Mobile, lauded VR as “the next great storytelling canvas.” Marketers and production companies can pioneer the landscape and innovate in an almost limitless space – inviting audiences almost anywhere and everywhere to take part in the narrative. 

When executed well, VR that embraces immersive storytelling can be a brand awareness raiser and a true crowd pleaser. A prime example is the “Mr. Robot” VR experience that debuted at Comic-Con in July and aired throughout the U.S. as the “largest-ever co-viewing virtual reality simulcast event.”

As part of a one-time-only event, USA Network partnered with VR film company Within to take “Mr. Robot” fans and newcomers alike on a flashback of the main character’s past. By most accounts, the experiment was a success. Thousands upon thousands participated both at Comic-Con and at home. It was so popular that Within now houses the experience on its home page for visitors to enjoy. 

Your Tale to Tell

So what does this all mean for businesses? It means that now is the perfect time to work with an experienced marketing agency and talented production company to tell your stories richly and move your customers deeply.

“Hello. Our name is West Cary Group. Pleased to meet you.”

You’ll be delighted to know that we’ve already partnered with an expert production company to develop immersive videos that synthesize your brand promise. We deliver campaigns that honor NewsCred’s and Getty’s four principles of visual storytelling to help your brand make a splash:

  • Authenticity – tapping into emotions to turn consumers into brand advocates
  • Sensory – engaging multiple senses to promote social sharing
  • Archetype – utilizing story patterns to forge deeper consumer connections
  • Relevancy – delivering stories that matter at the moment they matter to your audience

Finding Your Voice

How will you know if immersive videos are right for you? It depends. Do you want to:

  • Be on the forefront of pioneering storytelling?
  • Create deeper, richer experiences for your customers?
  • Increase user engagement by providing unique vantage points for self-exploration?
  • Generate leads by offering premium content?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, immersive storytelling might be the tool for you. WCGi is ready now to help you make your mark in the 360° and VR space. Reach out today. We’d love to show you how. 

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