VR Artistry: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

by Camille Blanchard, VP, Head of Innovation, West Cary Group

Three-dimensional artistry makes for a truly interactive experience. One needs only to view a one-minute demonstration of the Google Tilt Brush to be wowed.

This device, that debuted in September 2014, is a major player in the artistic space. It pairs with the HTC Vive, allowing users to paint in 3-D in real time so that the world becomes their canvas. Available drawing materials range from snow to electricity to duct tape. Share and bookmark features allow users and others to revisit the work long after creation is complete.

The Kingspray Graffiti Simulator is another, seemingly more irreverent option for exploring dimensional artistry. It, too, pairs with the HTC Vive, and creators bill it as a way to “let your artistic skills free by spray-painting on real-life surfaces without the fear of getting locked up.” Clearly, this is an alluring prospect for some of the population.

Regardless of which avenue one chooses, the implications that span a wide variety of industries are clear:

1.     Artists can now step into their paintings and create masterpieces with vivacity and texture

2.     Designers of all types – from scenic to fashion to interior – can scale and share their unique visions

3.     Brands can use the platform as a space to not just share images, but also ideas

For brands, this can mean tremendous opportunities in the event marketing space. Whether this artistry involves face-to-face interaction with a prospective customer and a Tilt Brush pro or consumer exploration of a virtual installation, benefits can include heightened engagement and increased media exposure.

Most encouraging is the fact that this technology is constantly improving. In August, Google unveiled audio-reactive brushes that allowed works to pulsate and move to music. Soon, a multiplayer mode will be released so that friends can collaborate in virtual artistic space. Also in development is a “portal brush” through which users can erase part of their virtual world to get a window into the real space around them.

With dimensional artistry, a picture is worth a thousand words. It’s a tremendous marketing channel for your brand to make an arresting, engaging statement. 

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