Growing Up and Rounding Out: Graduation, West Cary Group and Me (Part Two)

By Jordan Fennell, Account Management Intern, West Cary Group

Last week, Jordan began illustrating how our company culture nurtures behaviors that heighten employee engagement. This week, he continues his analysis and reveals how he's evolved during his time at our agency. 

2.     Intense engagement. According to a 16-year study by Idea Champions, 86 percent of employees and executives cite lack of collaboration or ineffective communication for workplace failures. With such an alarmingly high statistic, it’s shocking that companies don’t pay more attention to the value of engagement. 

In my five-week tenure at West Cary Group, I’ve worked with top-notch clients in a vast array of industries, including the Department of Public Utilities, Richmond 2015 and Union Bank & Trust. I’ve collaborated with the team and had a hand in executing arresting websites (including one with geographic information system mapping), social media campaigns, cutting-edge mobile apps and much more.

At West Cary Group, the marketing landscape is vast and deep, and the lines of communication are always open – whether it’s among the team or with clients. I’ve gained such a tremendous amount of experience so far that I can only imagine how rich my learnings and contributions could be if I stayed on.

Jordan Fennel (second left) attends the RVAH2O Community Open House that he helped organize for our client, the Richmond Department of Public Utilities.

Jordan Fennel (second left) attends the RVAH2O Community Open House that he helped organize for our client, the Richmond Department of Public Utilities.

3.     Diverse interactions. Since West Cary Group’s inception in 2007, president and CEO Moses Foster has powered agency growth through diversity. He believes that people from diverse backgrounds with diverse ideas will produce consistently superior results, and he’s made a believer out of me. 

Foster has assembled a team with a vast skill set: Each member brings a unique marketing talent to the table. I’ve witnessed how that diversity breeds innovation and that innovation breeds successful campaigns for his clients and growth for his business. In fact, diversity has been a key factor in West Cary Group increasing its workforce from three to more than 30 and working to enrich the community in which it serves.

Five years ago, West Cary Group joined forces with other area agencies to create a brand for Richmond: The Capital of Creativity. Because of this joint venture, the city’s creative energy – and the RVA logo representing it — are inescapable and palpable. In 2013, the agency reinvested in its community by restoring and expanding into an historic building across the street from its headquarters.

West Cary Group knows that the preservation of diversity as an imperative will serve it in the future. My fellow Millennials are forecasted to comprise nearly 75 percent of the workforce in a decade, and according to a 2015 Deloitte University study, nearly 83 percent of them are actively engaged when they feel like their organization fosters an inclusive culture.  

Unfortunately, not all college graduates have had my good fortune. A 2013 Harris Interactive survey found that among students who don’t intern, only 44 percent consider themselves ready for the job market. But that number spikes to 70 percent when internships come in to play, and I can see why.

As an intern, I’m rewarded for my hard work in ways beyond the professional. As an intern at award-winning agency, the bar is set high for me to make an impact within the company, the community and the industry. Only when we work to our highest potential do we get a chance to make an impression upon the world and help improve it on multiple fronts – personally, professionally and socially.

My internship at West Cary Group has been a gift. It’s caused me to consider not only what I want to do, but also how I want to live. I no longer want to accomplish everything. Just some things well. And though I know there’s lots more in store, this may be the most growing up I’ve ever done. 

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