Growing Up and Rounding Out: Graduation, West Cary Group and Me

By Jordan Fennell, Account Management Intern, West Cary Group

When I was growing up, people often asked me what I wanted to do with my life, and I would instantly respond, “everything.” As I walked onto the campus of the University of Richmond (UR) in 2012, I thought it was my time to do just that. There it was: a marketing education at a respected school, social independence and the freedom to explore my inner creativity. 

Jordan Fennell, 2015 Account Management Intern

Jordan Fennell, 2015 Account Management Intern

Three years later, here it is: my final year of university. And with it, the daunting task of figuring out what I’m going to do post graduation and what type of person I’m going to be. Somehow, “everything” no longer seems like the satisfying response I once gave so readily. 

Luckily, UR stressed the important role a strong internship can play in a successful future. I applied to and was accepted at West Cary Group. I was prepared to learn a great deal, but I didn’t know that this intensive summer program would provide guidance in areas beyond the performance marketing realm.

According to a 2013 Gallup poll, 70 percent of Americans feel disengaged at work. But I’ve yet to see that type of ennui at West Cary Group. In fact, the energy and vigor I’ve experienced travels beyond the firm’s walls and carries over into employees’ daily lives. For example, right off the bat, I discovered that I wasn’t just working alongside two talented web designers; I was also in the marketing trenches with an ex-firefighter and a passionate cyclist.

How is West Cary Group succeeding at beating the odds? It attracts talent that values commitment to a goal whether laptops are booted up or shut down. Virtually everyone at the firm has realized a fulfilling work life that, in turn, complements a fulfilling lifestyle, and I believe it’s due to three specific behaviors the company culture nurtures:

  1. Abiding trust. My manager, vice president of Account Services Rachael Harris-Evans, was extremely involved when explaining the account management ropes, but once she laid the foundation, she handed over the reins. With that kind of freedom comes trust and reinforcement of the necessity to follow through and stay committed to the task at hand.

In turn, I took full ownership of my duties. I don’t feel like a small cog in a big wheel. I’m in the mix and considered one of West Cary Group’s most valuable assets. This confidence in my capabilities is tremendously motivating – and makes me dig even deeper and research even more to tap into innovative ideas that will further the company and boost our clients’ bottom lines. 

Next Week, Part Two: Graduation, West Cary Group and Me

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