Change Your View: Brands and Cardboard Customization

By Blair Keeley, EVP, Chief Creative Officer, West Cary Group

The desire for Augmented Reality (AR) is growing, and the tech is preparing to take a bigger stage. The intelligence firm Tractica released a study stating that the installed base of actively used AR mobile applications will increase from 292 million this year to 2.2 billion in 2019. If you want to look at the reasons behind this tech’s rise to prominence, you’d have to take a long look at Google.

With the introduction of its Cardboard in 2014 at a low price point (as low as $23.95), Google set the stage to bring AR to the masses. By the end of that year, more than 500,000 units had been shipped. The concept? A viewer attaches them to mobile devices to become mounted eyewear. Cardboard provides an immersive experience for the consumer – and is so simple to manufacture that the company actually provides instructions for how people can make it themselves on the site.

That opportunity is tempting, because Google Cardboard looks like, well, cardboard. Luckily, there are robust options out there for marketers who want to help their clients see differently and further their AR campaigns:

DODOcase. This company made a name for itself with its sleek leather cases, but now it’s tapping into the VR movement. Have a design in mind? You can use your own custom graphics to create a personalized viewer that makes a statement. They offer production for every need – whether you need one for yourself or a million for your brand.

ViewMaster. Cardboard gets an upgrade with this accessory that’s perfect for children of the 60s, 70s, 80s and today. And at just $30, it’s great for most budgets. This option strays from the concept a bit because it’s actually made of plastic, but it still fits any smartphone and embraces AR tech. Plus, it’s family friendly – Mattel offers Experience Packs that allow children to go on virtual field trips. And the viewer was intentionally made without a strap so that kids “don’t zone out for hours on end.” 

WCGi. Yes. You read correctly. But with us, you don’t simply get customized cardboard; you get a total marketing package for a customized VR world. We can tailor-make viewers that promote your brand, craft marketing campaigns that further your business objectives, provide coders to develop your own branded application and even craft 360° videos to enhance your VR content.

Options abound that offer a premium look and feel to a device that’s quickly marking its territory in tech. Cardboards are increasingly becoming a way for clients to make a brand impression on the consumer. Choose WCGi and make that impression count.

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